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Arizona Run, Spring 2003 Photos!

Awesome pic Paul!

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I think the motorhome got higher than seans ranger:confused:

damn wish i could have went on sunday....I just decided it was best I didnt with no spare and p/s problems

Awesome pics!

Wow, I missed the carnival of carnage!

Great pictures, I'm glad everyone made it out alright. Any posts / pictures from the Crown King run?

Originally posted by Heath
Okay, so my question, was there even anything for stockers to run??? I haven't seen any stocker reports or pics...
Heath, on page 1 Dust reported about the stocker/modified runs and had a link to some photos at the bottom of his post.

there will be some more pictures of that run Im sure once everyone gets back and gets theirs uploaded. We were expecting some stockers on the run saterday but pretty much everyone was decently modiflyed

All the talk on this forum makes me want to get in to some more substantial wheeling but then things like this make me not want to. I guess I will keep my explorer pounding pavement and build a tubed out rig one day

I'll post pictures tonight...

What a trip, though. Arizona is beautiful, the wheeling (limited as it was) was fun, and the weather perfect.

My buddy Greg and I met up with Jefe and caravanned out with him. Making the long drive seem alot shorter. We had a great time and can't wait to get out there again sometime soon.

As for our run, all of us "milder" rigs were having a great time, and after waiting so long to get on the trail, we were all a bit anxious. So as soon as it opened up in to the sand, we went a bit crazy. I was the first to break, then the Turbo Ex hydrolocked and the Jeep broke a U-Joint, all in the first 20 min. Oh the joys of off-roading!

Dustin was able to tow the Turbo Ex out in the Bronco, but not before it took 5 trucks, to tow the Turbo Ex over the top of the sand berm. Once under way, myself and Gerry followed Dustin and Turbo Ex off of the trail. You know that damn Bronco did pretty good as a Tow rig, except for Dustin smoking the rest of us out with his power steering boiling over. We decided to help the locker out a bit and unlocked one of his hubs, that seemed to help. Once on solid ground, waiting for the rest of the group, we surveyed my damage once more.

It looks like on this go around that I pulled the CV apart, but didn't break it like I have in the past. Also, this time it was the passenger side, which I have never broken before. Brace yourselves people for a moment of off-road innovation...

Gerry came up with an excellent idea, finding us yet another use for duct tape (is that possible?). So, in order to get home, we popped out the upper ball joint and put the ears back in the CV cup, then duct taped the boot around the shaft again. My make shift duct tape boot lasted 500 miles so far. I think I am just going to bring it to Ford and tell them the boot ripped and claim all ignorance beyond that, I'll let you know how it goes. Anyway, it is apparent to me that with the .5" of extra track width and travel, that I am pulling out CVs. So I am going to lower the ride height slightly, and put limiting straps up front to limit travel to around 7" (stock) and run my sway bar off road. That should solve my problem... I hope. :D

On Sunday, we had an excellent breakfast and Gerry caravanned home with us. Fortunately the ride home was a bit uneventful, well except for that new oil leak. :rolleyes: I guess Ford will love seeing me tommorrow.


Wow, What a trip.

Saturday I was almost glad to see my Ex sit it out. I don't know how I would have managed some of those obstacles with my frame so low to the ground. I did get some great pics of everyone else running it though. Thanks to Tom and Paul for the rides.

Sunday I lead the Crown King run. We started with 6 vehicles, but Mike (MSupertek) had to turn back before we got to the "difficult" section because of a tranny seal leak. We scrounged up 5 quarts of ATF and he went on his way. Last we know he made it back to pavement and was going to continue on. Hopefully he gets home alright. On the first obstacle Marshall (offroader 69 me) pulled an awesome three wheel move, landed it, and thought he was out of the obstacle only to hit a hole with his right rear and tip it on to its side. It was a little too exciting being only feet away from him at the time. And don't worry, we got it on video. He broke the small window in the rear door, the mirror, and got a few minor dings in the side panels. . .just adding a little character. The rest of the trail was fun, but thankfully uneventful.

My Pics will be up shortly

Quite a day it was. Thanks for the invite Rick, we did have a good time, & I'm glad I could help get Kevin outta there.

Glad you guys had a good time.

What happened to the front Powertrax, Jefe?

Welcome to the board Matt. And thanks again for a great day on the trail!

My Pics:

Saturday Pics - Big Dawg Run

Sunday Pics - Moderate Run

Originally posted by jobunn
Glad you guys had a good time.

What happened to the front Powertrax, Jefe?
Its locked to the passenger side, and the driver side never gets power. Kind of interesting learning to pick lines where you aren't climbing a ledge with the driver front tire. . . but on the other hand you could care less if you lifted that tire :)

:eek: WOW!! what a trip!!! Winter & I got back safely and I'm glad to see that Jefe got back safely also. We caravan back today. Yes it was a GREAT TRIP!! inspite of the carniage. It just gave us some new motivation and idea's on how to improve the truck.:D

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Rick, Winter, Tom Davis, Matt & Hammer for all their help & patience on Sunday. That was a LONGGGGGGG DAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
Thank you Rick & CHAR for the Sat. Dinner spread!!! and for all of the people who took some great picture's of this run. Looking forward to next year!!!!:D

Sorry to say but that was the worst weekend I've had in a long time.

Thanks to everyone for the support on Sat. you guys sticking around really helped take some of the pressure off. Especially Dustin for moving the jeep off the road and hangin out till dark and Marshall for haulin some of my stuff for me.
The paramedics were right I'm really hurtin now and getting bruises in the strangest places. Rob is feeling about the same.
If anyone has pics of the wreck would you e-mail them to me at ?

Well it looks like my next big purchase is going to be a jeep for Rob. ...I really didn't want to buy one but that's how it goes.
Poor Rob he's with me in the wreck on Sat. then rolled with Marshall on Sun. maybe we should stop taking him as a passenger. HMMM?
I'll get the rest of my pics up when I get back into town later this week.
At least the wheelin was good.:D

Here are some of my pics from the run.

The modified group meeting in the morning...

Enjoying the scenic AZ trails...


The Jeep in all it's glory...

Some of the Explorer gang tearing it up...



I hate mud...but it sure is fun!


I think this is where the Turbo Ex gave up the ghost...


Possibly my new desktop image...

Something oddly familiar about this picture...

How many trucks does it take to pull one dead Ex over a sand berm? You count 'em, it takes 5!

I am getting to know this truck very well...

Hooray for duct tape!


Custom skidplate trimming...

On the ramp (sway bars on)...



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anytime kevin, I think we all felt it by seeing it happen right in front of us. I know someone was taking pictures...Mine got messed up somehow.