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Arseatea: New member - Sport Trac interchange question


May 19, 2018
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Beavercreek Ohio
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Beavercreek Oh
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2004 Sport trac XLT
I am a member of Ranger Forums, and Ford F150. I just bought a 2004 Sport trac. It is beautiful and the seller said it had never been wrecked, but after buying, and looking over more carefully, the right fog lamp is hanging loose. Got under it and found the front panel that supports the lamp is severely damaged. I suspect a fender bender and new grill was replaced without replacing the support panel. So, finding a parted out Sport trac is difficult, but I find no problem finding a Explorer SUV. My concern is are the internal plastic parts interchangeable? According to what I can find on the web, the panel part number that I will need is 4L2Z8A284AA. Can anyone tell me if a 2004 Explorer SUV front panel will fit a 2004 Sport Trac? Is there a site where a person can cross reference part numbers to see what parts will fit and which will not? Thanks for any good info. Arseatea: a Ford truck advocate for many years..

A 2004 Explorer SUV front panel probably will NOT fit a 2004 Sport Trac. The '01-05 Sport Tracs and '01-03 2 door Sports are based on the 2001 and earlier Explorers. 2002 and later 4 door Explorers are an entirely different design. The '01-03 2 door Explorer Sports share front sheet metal and other parts with Sport Tracs, and are easier to find than parted out STs.

2004 Explorer Sport Track XLT 4x2 flex: Thanks for that info. The local LKO bone yard has 4-5 Explorer SUV's of the 2004 genre, and I was hoping parts would fit. My local Advance parts guy told me yesterday that they did not make a true 2004 and I probably should look for parts for a 2003. Mine was built 8-03.