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February 8, 1999
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Is there anything that I should keep my eye out for or ask about while I'm here?

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The Bronco R


Off Road trailers!

Can you take some suspension pictures please?

The Off Road suspension game on these trailers has been heating up, and I'm curious to see all the new Independent styles.

Any accessories you think looks worth a mention. Any charging /power supply electronics, that are worthy. This is an area that has really blown up in the last few years, for the Overland market.

Oh... There was an issue with SmittyBuilt Scout trailers recently. They jumped into the trailer scene offering cheap alternatives. The result was a weak spot between Tongue beam and main frame breaking in half, leaving the trailer V shaped into the ground. They supposedly Fixed this issue after stopping production for a while. I'm curious if they are at SEMA with the 2.0 version.

Have fun out there Rick!

Brett! and my Dad
say Hi to Brett and if you see my dad say hello :)
Mr Jim Fortune is at SEMA this year with his buddy Arnold from Texas.


First time at Sema he should be around the Ford, the Jeep and the Polaris displays
My dad is an amazing knowledgeable dude, if you by chance see his introduce yourself and put in a good word for me :)

I plan to attend next year, a gang of us Idaho'ns will make the trek
I just couldn't swing it this year too many prior commitments
My dad has always wanted to go.
Arnold has also always wanted to go but his mother was an invalid for over 30 years so he took care of her every day and was never able to leave Texas (Galveston Island for that matter)
Arnold's mom passed away earlier this year so he and my dad are headed to Sema!!

I just realized that this is the 20th anniversary of my going to SEMA. Over the past 20 years I've been here 15 or 16 times.

I began going with my friend Ron from Illinois. After the show we would walk the strip checking out as many casinos as we could. These days after the show I'm ready for dinner and bed. LOL.

Photos from the show:


Love that milky grey/chalk color. Wish they had it available on the 2020.

I like all the black plastics painted body color !!

thanks Rick for going to Sema and posting up all the pics so we can share in the experience. I really enjoyed all of the pics! So much to see
I was looking for my dad in the backgrounds LOL
He got to go drifting and was amazed by all the carbon fiber body panels they have these days and the amount of aftermarket support for Jeeps, the whole "overlanding" and "roof top tent" thing was new to him LMFAO
Want to go next year so bad!

Thanks indeed for those pictures. All of those rims look great but the 24s definitely have me excited about next summer!

Wow! That light grey with the black outlined in red roof looks great. I also like the smoked tail light with the clear section left... well clear. And those rims are beautiful but I wouldn’t want to clean them! Thanks for the pics Rick!