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ATF .. Crankcase or the fuel tank?


December 14, 2000
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Calgary, Alberta
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1994 XLT
I have read a bit on this and am getting a little confused. What does it do and do you add it to the fuel tank and crankcase? How much do you add? Also if you added it to yor fuel wouldnt it smoke like crazy? Thanks. The new explorer on the block.

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Normally you add it to the fuel. It is supposed to help clean and lubercate the top end (valve train). Personally I don't think it is worth your time. If you feel you need to do this go to your local parts store and get something that is designed for this purpose.

Thanks Mike, What you say makes perfect sense to me.

When u add it to ur fuel it wont lubricate ur lifters. It only will go through the fuel system. Fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel lines, fuel rail, and fuel injectors. It will help clean these and it does cost a lot less then injector cleaner. Right before ur gonna do an oil change u can put some atf in the crankcase and run it for a little bit then change the oil.


I have done both, and both have helped a bit. I believe it cleans some of the carbon deposits throughout the system. Half a quart is sufficient, although I have used a full quart in both.