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atreyus 94 eddie

Heres my 1994 eddie. 4.0 ohv with 157k, custom prerunner bumpers, 6.5 procomp lift, pro comp xterrain tires, 16" Weld rims. Lansing MI. It needed a starter selinoid, new battery and a relay switch. I filled in the rockers an probaly going to herculner them. Just a couple half dollar sized holes and some surface rust. I want to go through all the fluids and change the trans filter soon. I also need to paint the bumpers. Any color ideas? Ford Blue? Anyway wanna know what you think!





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Alrighty heres a update. Finally we got some decent weekend weather to tackle my rockers. I wanted to get them fixed before the snow starts flying here in Michigan. They were pretty rough..... I filled in a couple holes and sanded her down a heres the after pics with some primer sanded down.



so i decided after much online research to paint the rockers and up to the trim with some rustoleum spray on truck bedliner. I went with that because A) i cant afford a line x job and B) its easy to touch up with a rattle can. I figured at only 7 bucks a can id give it a try. I roughed up the paint with sandpaper, taped it up and sprayed away!



I put on about 5 light coats on and it went on real easy. Any run marks easily were covered up as i royaly suck at rattle cans.. but i think i did my best job ever:D.......




We'll see how well it'll hold up to all the salt and snow but overall it looks like it will. Only time will tell. The rustoleum truck bed liner looks pretty tough and at least no more exposed metal. With only 20 some bucks invested in sandpaper and two cans of bedliner I definitly think it was worth it!:thumbsup: What do You think?

nice x keep up good work

Looks great, not only does it look good there is no more rust! I love 1st gens...and 2nd gens..and 3rd..well i just love all explorers...
I used the same bedliner on my rockers and lower doors as well. It sucks to clean. I used a soft brush and some tire shine. If you use a rag all the fibers stick to it.

Pressure washer could do the job.

Im afraid it would chip away from the top edge...Its just a cheap spray on bedliner. Maybe I am under estimating its durability but I would rather not test it.

Im afraid it would chip away from the top edge...Its just a cheap spray on bedliner. Maybe I am under estimating its durability but I would rather not test it.
I have power washed and it did great but i dont have a real edge to catch seeing how it went up to the trim and I was holding it back aways just in case. But yeah you cant use a rag on it for sure. Its almost like sandpaper! It seems to be holding up great though!

Alright did ball joints on my brother in laws bl***r (go figure) and this was at the end of the night.....

He left the key on! Nothing makes me happier than jumpstarting a Chevy! But im getting mine as i gotta do my passenger upper and lowers this weekend....

alright been a while since i did a update. last weekend i had to do those ball joints on my passenger side. had about 1 to 2 inches of play. I got this annoying clunking sound when i brake hard or turn hard. But after doing the ball joints on the passenger side there still there. So for this weekend its driver side ball joints and drive shaft u joints. The kid I bought it from said he did the driver side ball joints but it looks like he used the dana 28 style instad of the 35. Its my understanding that the explorers never had a dana 28 only rangers, and the way to tell the difference is the 28 is threaded. The driver side is definitly threaded! So replacing that hopefully will solve my mysterious clunking sound. Thanks to the writeup about how to replace balljoints saved me about $700! That how much i was qouted at a local shop. Oh and yesterday my alternator completly froze up on me and broke a brand new gator back serpintine belt! Man i was peed off! Luckily i had a spare alternator and picked up a new belt at the local autozone. Man bad string of luck lately!

I did the drivers upper and lower ball joints, new wheel bearings and new brake slider pins. About 2 hrs and a shot of Jager! Now the only pop is when i brake. My u joints are shot so thats next i guess. Got my front diff drained too as i got a little water in it........:scratch:

the pop might be your radius arm bushings.