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Attach fuel pressure gauge. Adapter needed? How? Tricks?


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April 1, 2011
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2000 XLT 4.0 SOHC 4DR 2WD
I attempted, and failed, to successfully attach a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail Schrader valve on my 2000 Explorer, 4.0L, SOHC, JOB1 engine. The gauge came with a "Ford adapter." The adapter screwed onto the Schrader valve... and then the hose from the gauge screwed onto the adapter. However, the gauge never registered any pressure (yes, I have pressure... the engine starts and runs fine), and the pressure release valve on the gauge (when pressed) didn't release any pressure/gasoline.

Is there some trick or special way in which the "Ford adapter" and the gauge hose are supposed to be hooked up?

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Some kits have a valve in the hose.
Sounds like you might have a valve in the Hose, or not the right hose going to the valve.

Is it possible the nub in the adapter is not tall enough to depress the valve core pin?

I bought an Autometer electric fuel pressure gauge years ago and removed the schrader valve out and attached the sensor to the fitting...Mounted it to an A pillar gauge pod with oil pressure and voltmeter to keep me informed of the condition of fuel and oil pressures...My gas tank was rusty and I would need to replace the fuel filter every 300 to 500 miles due to rust and the dropping fuel pressure would tell me the filter was clogging up...The blue circle shows the electric pressure gauge sending unit attached to the fuel rail...Granted my engine is an OHV but it fits the same on an SOHC...
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^ Yeah that's a good followup to the question I asked, that he could try taking the valve core out, though if it's supposed to press the stem in and doesn't, might be best to seek a refund or exchange if there's a defect or excessive wear preventing it from working as intended.

Is it possible the nub in the adapter is not tall enough to depress the valve core pin?
@J_C - I think you nailed it. The two pins (one in the Schrader valve; one in the Ford adapter) have to line up perfectly - - both longitudinally and laterally - - in order for the adapter to do its job. Given the small size of the pin heads, this is a tall order. I returned the fuel pressure gauge (it was a loaner from NAPA) and plan to get a different one to try.