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Attempted Blend Door Fix


April 13, 2010
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96 explorer
After reading various posts here I attempted to fix my blend door. I was only able to have heat, nothing in between or cold air just heat. I cut a square out of the heater core and looked inside and the blend door actually looks like it is fine, it swings freely just fine and doesn't appear to be broken but I' no expert. The Actuator on top didn't move when I cycled through different temperatures so I think that might be my problem but I also noticed that when I moved the position of the blend door that the air temp did get a little cooler but not as cold as it should, would this be a freeon issue or related to the actuator?

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Blend Door

If the issue is only with temperature while on "Vent"...I wouldn't think it's a freon issue....You're description would lead to a blend door issue, actuator, or a vacuum problem stemming from the control head or lines:rangergreen:.

Blend Door

For future reference......A "Blend Door" is for Temperature Blend.....a "Mode Door" is used in changing direction from IE: Defrost to Floor....etc...:rangergreen:

How would i tell if the blend door was truly the issue? When i was looking inside the blend door appeared to be good, it moved freely when i opened and closed it.

That is not good, it should NOT move freely, it is attached to the actuator motor.

Well it moves freely because I took the actuator off of the top of the heater core because the actuator wasnt working.

Look with a mirror at the door ax (where the actuator goes) to see if it is ok or not.

While you have the actuator out, plug it in and start the car. Turn your temp control from cold to hot and watch the acuator. It should swing from one side to the other. If it does then the hinge on the blend door is cracked. If it does not then you need to find out why. Not sure of your control set up but if it is digital then I believe you can run a self test on it. Check the "stickys" or search. It could possibly be the actuator itself.


It appears that the actuator worked at first but then i noticed the actuator was "clicking" constantly and not moving the blend door so i think it was something with the actuator