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All I have to say is whoa. I thought no one could top matt's light array, but this at least comes close to/beats it...... I mean D###! Check it out...

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Good God! Could you imagine that thing pulling up behind you with all its lights on at night?? Or should I say day??


sorry dude, I only count 10 PIAA's on that bad boy. While impressive...

That picture was taken at a phase when there was two less lights on the roof then normal, so a count of 12 lights instead of 10 on the Explorer... and 13 on the F-150, LOL

oh yeah since then I've reduced the number of lights on the F-150 too, so Iguess I'm slackin! :). It's now got two on the brushguard instead of 4 and I took out 2 of the lights in the airdam, for a total of 9 lights forward, 2 reverse.