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attica badlands 2001

:p :p

Rick i am glad you had a good time! The pumpkin needs to come back sometime soon.. Then us IL guys need to make it out that way! I kinow for a fact i am going to plan to try to make it to Moab next year!

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Attica 2001 Video

Some people were asking me about how much the Videos from the past Attica trip are going to cost. Well I have foung out. The total cost will be 5 DOLLARS. Not much at all. That includes the video, plastic case (for protection, mainly in shipping), and shiping costs (will be sent UPS, with tracking number so they don't get lost). Not much for all that. I already have a bunch of people that have requested it. If any others, just e-mail me.

The video is ready to go to Leggo. I will FedEx it to him today.
Just to clarify that Chevy. Water almost spilling into the truck is an understatement. As the video shows he has a cab full of water. I didn't care for that guy's lack of cooperation so I thought this was d*mn funny. I heard Sargon just about blew his top on him also.

Yeah i guess sargon was pretty pissed, because the guy had the winch cable almost wraped around his wheel/tire! I don't know all the details, but when Sargon gets here i am sure he will tell all..:mad:

Matt....Loved the pics.....Guys, keep em comming! The new version of BBS seems pretty damn cool too!


We had Sargon's wintch attached to the frame between the cab and the back tire so we could pull him up on top of the mound and then Rick could pull him forward. This idiot decided that he wanted to back his truck up and then drive out. The cable from Sargon's wintch was pressing into the back tire at the top. The guy wouldn't listen and he wacked the winch cable with the lugs of his tire a couple times untill he was back far enough to clear it. We thought he was going to tear his tire apart on the cable. He was also still attached to Ricks truck in the front while he was backing up. What an idiot.

Hey guys, I wasn't tiping to much...

I could have drove out, its not like I was driving a Bla**r or something.
Thanks for the pic Matt. I didn't think anyone got a picture and I was kind of busy at the time. I guess it would have helped if I had not left my front and rear sway bars on huh. It was still a blast and I can't wait to go back.

I will be waiting for the video, and Iwill send it out asap I know that everybody is probably dying to see it.

Scott-since I will have the full video here I will just make another copy for myself, so unless you are going to have it edited or something, you will not have to send me one.(dont worry about the dollar!!)

Hey, I know that guy with the stuck chevy wasnt so smart but do remember he atleast tried to return the favor to 2001expsport.
..........but, then at his aproach angle he would have pulled him right smack into a tree, duh!! Oh well he tried.

Ok here are my photos.










Should we even mention FedEx when we have a good ole UPS worker among us :) Do you get discounts on shipping from UPS?

If you do I would like to ship 1 Ford Explorer to atticca Indiana .... hehe might be cheaper than towing it

hey if we really want that video who do we send payment to for it?

:bounce: i didn't get stuck there! Hell i didn't get stuck all weekend! I was haulin A$$ up this hill if this is the one i think it is.

I was testing to see if you were going to lay it on for saying I was going to FedEx. I had every intention to go to UPS but it was way across town and I stopped and shipped it priority because I was in a hurry. Scott don't forget I need the video after Leggo adds his stuff. Maybe you and Riff can work it out to send the video with my K&N.
Expect the video sat or mon

ALSO has anyone else had trouble with the message board? When I post there is a technical message and my posts don't go to the to 15 but it still shows up when I refresh the page.:confused:

:bounce: HAHA! That was pretty funny Brian!
As for me getting stuck? I dunno if there are any pics, but I wanted to get stuck...needed a moment to relax
Then let John and Scott give me a tug, after I shoveled....Burried myself to the frame in the sand....and Andre to test the winch on the dune! Getting stuck can be fun, when yer not in feet of muck and water :p

Fallen trees!!!!!!!

Stay away from fallen trees laying across trails. Especially if they are covered in black mud!!!!!!


Damn i tried to get stuck! why do you think i was first to venture into the much pit! I went into deep hole that swolloed my truck up to the nerf bars, but i still got out. I am very happy witht he Pro Comp M/T. The only time i needed a pull was in the sand. Next time i am sure i will get stuck along with come out with truck damage as i am gunna get a little crazy!:confused:

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well hell!! that's why I bought the winch in the first use it!! right?? same with bigger tires and lockers, Use the damn thing cause if you don't......... why bother spending money??? for looks??

pix coming later,

great pix Rick, especially of the convertible....