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Attica, IN Badlands Signup June 17-18 2006 10th Anniversary Explorer Run

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Use the link below to sign up for the our 10th Anniversary run at the Badlands in Attica, Indiana. The date for the event is June 17-18, 2006. Of course you can come earlier than the 17th if you would like.


Badlands Chat Thread

3968 N. Xavier
Attica, IN 47918
Phone: (765) 762-2981
Fax: (765) 762-0519

No one is allowed to check into the park after 5:00pm!

Open Riding 363 Days a Year

Office Hours:9-5
Riding Hours: Weekdays 9am - 5pm
Weekends 9am - 5pm
Closed Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.
(we will have a night run on Saturday night)

Admission Rates:
$15.00 Daily Pass
$20.00 Two Day Pass
$30.00 Three Day Pass
$ 5.00 Passenger Per Day

*** Everyone must sign in before entering the park.
*** Anyone not signed in will be considered as trespassing
& will be subject to arrest.
*** You must be packed and out of the park before posted time


Attica Historic Hotel Restaurant and Bar (765) 762-3088

Food @ Badlands

Jesses Hideout Sandwiches, drinks, and side dishes

Food in Attica and surrounding areas
McDonald, Short Stop, Subway, Pizza Hut, Pizza King, Crossroads Restaurant, Wheeler Family Dining, Arnis Pizza, Anitas Mexican Restaurant, Chen Garden Chinese Restaurant, Robie's Family Dining, Harrison Hills Country Club, IGA Grocery & Deli, Historic Hotel Attica (Fine food also!!)


The Rules:

The following rules are to be acknowledged and respected by any and everyone who has come to the Badlands!!! By signing a release of liability or wavier, you understand and have agreed to these rules!!!

NO one under the age of 18 is permitted to check-in with out a parent or proof of legal guardianship. You cannot check in someone else's child, without Notarized Consent forms, Waiver, and medical Info. Forms are available here at the Badlands office or can be US mailed or faxed to you if necessary

*** NO ALCOHOL ***
Allowed on the property!
All Vehicles are subject to search.

1. Flags required for all ATV's and Jeeps/trucks. Minimum 2ft. above cab of vehicle.
2. Helmets required at all times for all ATV and Bike riders, anytime,
anywhere NO exceptions NO WARNINGS
3. NO RIDING DOUBLE ATV's and bikes.
4. There is a 5mph speed limit In the parking areas. Please keep speeds
down to prevent accidents and to keep dust down. No spinning of
tires is allowed. Keep all wheels on the ground.
5. No rain checks or refunds for breakdowns!!!
6· Multi-day passes must be paid as you enter the park on the first day.

* 15 MPH limit.
* Seat Belts required!
* Roll bar protection for ALL occupants in vehicle
* NO back seat passengers allowed without above
* Straps required for the safety of the trees
* Winch & Lockers required for trails level 3-5
* Anyone caught cutting down or removing trees will pay for the replacement of same size tree!
* Flags required to be 2 feet above cab of vehicles
* * Recovery is available at most times --- (there is a fee)

8. Watch for trucks, loaders, etc. The terrain is constantly changing. Check each hill!!! Pre-ride/drive all trails with caution for safety! NO blind jumping!!
9. All trails (tracks) 2-way, multi use!
10. Please stay in the posted areas of the park. Do not venture off posted property. Do not be destructive.

We do not own any farm grounds. Stay out of the fields! (You will be prosecuted by the landowner!)

* Please PICK UP ALL TRASH Anyone caught littering WILL be prosecuted!!

Do not leave oil or gas or any other hazardous material at the park (Federal code applies) All trash will be put into cans provided or carry out what you carried in. (State Code)



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Please take note: Badlands did not have a 2006 Calender started yet. There does not appear to be a conflict with the date we have chosen, in the event that there is a conflict they will contact us as soon as they can so we can reschedule.

Here's the current list:

* = coming
- = maybe
/ = ride along

*1. Dustin Allison - Dman726749 1-2 - plaque
*2. Rick and Char - 4 - plaque
3. Roger Schlender - sandrunner - 4 -plaque
*4. Scott Berkel - Buckshot - 4 - plaque
*5. Mike Arnswald - Arnie897 - 1,2 - plaque
*6. Andre Hryn - dre - 2 - plaque
*7. Eric Chamberlain - mechanix - 4 - plaque
*8. Bill Kemp - 1 - Plaque - Sunday
9. Chad Rogers - Nissanboy - 3,4 - plaque
10. Ronnie Alesia - bluetandem77 - ? - plaque
*11. RFR2212 - plaque - 3
-12. Charles Sifers - chazzone - plaque - 3
13. cancelled
/14 Jeff Glancy - Jefe - plaque - will be riding shotgun
*15. Guy Fredrick - glfredrick - plaque - 4
*16. Jonathan B. Burns - Burns - plaque - 3,4
17. Chris Maxson - white95explorer - plaque 2
18. Mike Nees IndyExplorer - plaque - 4
*19. Doug Napier - tsgolo - plaque - 3
*20. Jonathon Hill - hillz24 - plaque 2,3
21. James Morrison - hckyrugb - plaque - 2,3
*22. Mahdey Shaheen - '97 V8 - plaque - 3
23. cancelled
-24. John Hutson - cableguy - plaque - 4

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