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ATTN 99' owners and my lube quest


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July 16, 1999
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97 Explorer 12 Escape
I have posted a few threads lately about Gear Oil lube specs, just changed from Mobil1 80W90 to Motocraft Synthetic 75W140, then it came, the brainstorm.
I am going by manual for my 97, but the new axles are from a 99, can someone look in their 99 owners manual and look up the recommended lube for a 4.0 EFI OHV and 3.73 for me? I would greatly appreciate it.
On mine it is stated in footnote 3
"Vehicles equipped with 4.0L SOHC or 4.0L EFI engines and 3.73 or 4.10 rear axle ratios or 5.0L engines require synthetic rear axle lubricant"

Thanks again,


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November 26, 2000
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New Bern, NC
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'95 Explorer "Expedition"
The axles are all the same for all years, Just use whatever is specified in the owner's manual for your truck. Get synthetic if you like, you won't notice any difference though.