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Attn: bigtigexplorer re:amp under seat install...


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October 20, 2001
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1998 XLT 4x4
i like your idea of installing the amp underneath the rear
seat. how was this mounted? did you use thin strips of metal or wood, and tuck those underneath the elastic and then screw on the amp?? just wondering, would like to dup what you did. (very clean and hidden)

i'm just starting to design my system.... do you think a
kicker IX405D (5ch amp 40x4, 200x1) would mount under there? it's 2.5H x 9.5W x 19L. if not, what about putting 1 inch blocks (or spacers) under the mounting brackets on the floor, to raise the bottom of the seat when lowered...

thanks for any answers.

here's a link if you want to see the amp.....
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The maximum size for mounting an amp under the seat is around 12"Wx21.5"L. The amp I have mounted in 2" high, but I'm not sure on what the max is, but I think you'll be all right with that amp.

I'm in the middle of moving from one apartment to another, I just put my computer back together about 20 minutes ago (and the first place I come is here, how sad LOL). If you can give be a couple of days I'll take some detailed pictures of how I mounted the amp to seat. You've got the right idea though, I used 2"Wx1/4"H aluminum stock to which I bolted the amp. Then I used pipe clamps to secure the aluminum stock to the tubular frame of the rear seat.

bigtigexplorer, don't go to the trouble of tearing you X apart, just to take pics for me. (on the other hand, it is a very cool install and i'm sure others would like instructions on "how-to" install.) just wanted to know if i was on the right track on how to install it there.

i still might try the spacer blocks to gain some more breathing room for the amp when the seat is lowered.

thx for your quick reply.

i did the amp mount under the seat as well. i mounted mine with basically some really heavy wire (prolly half the size of a coathanger) it holds it in there fine. i tied the wire to the mounting holes on the amp and the snake shaped metal that keep your butt from fallin throught the seat. imo it would be better to mount some fans under there instead of spacers get some fans like these:

they are really easy to mount, just a dab of some thick glue (i used some stuff callecd marine goop or somethin like that) and stick them next to the fins if possible, you basically just want to get some air movemont down there

i put two amps in this weekend and initially we were planning on going upside down underneath the seats, but when we checked it out, it seemed that if we had a hard flat surface underneath the seats, it would get in the way of the bulge created by the occupant's butt, you know what i mean?

then we thought about the floor under the rear seats, but they just didn't fit that well... they would get in the way of peoples' feet if they were mounted in a way in which the seat wouldn't rest on the amp when folded down... just too far forward.

we ended up going underneath the front passenger seat for one, and the other went where ford puts their factory amp, bolted to the sheetmetal behind the right rear panel. turned out great.