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Attn: Lono; Roof Basket


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February 22, 2010
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'01 Sport Trac 4x4
i found a set of decent crossbars (also on e-bay) for 50 bucks shipped. they arent yakima quality, but they have a 150 lb weight cap on them, they come with locks and they work for me. here are the links to the rack and the roof rails i bought from ebay so set mine up. i think the roof rack is one of the best investments ive made in my rig so far being that the ST bed is so short. its like i have a whole new bed to put stuff in when i go on trips.

cross bars

not exactly the one i got but similar in style and price plus free shipping

I didn't want to continue this in the "Show Off" thread because it's off topic for that thread, but I have a question about the basket.

I know you said the basket you linked is not the exact one you have, but how similar is it? The one linked says that it has a mesh bottom. What? That doesn't make sense to me. Why would that exist?

Does yours have a mesh bottom?

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I've been looking at their other products, and they definitely have a metal bottom.

They use "mesh" in a way I wouldn't have. I think of holey woven fabrics when I think of mesh.

In the future this would be more appropriate to ask via PM

off-trac - i think they mean "wire mesh". i will take a picture of mine tomorrow morning and post it here to show you what mine looks like. you can always message the seller on ebay and ask them directly.

here's the link to the exact one that i have. i love this rack and the price makes me love it even more. sturdy as hell, comes with the mounting brackets, metal meash bottom for easy hook ups, and it was free shipping. they seem to not have any for sale right now on ebay, but check this link out, it has the manufacturer's email and customer service number. you can ask them. i got mine for 111.00 total, shipping included. good luck!

Sorry to waste your time Techie. The initial intention was to start a conversation about this particular basket and ask a few questions to someone who was familiar with it. That was just my first question. I thought other people might benefit from information about this basket as well. I would have finished out my questions last night, but I didn't stay up 'til 2 reading about the basket. Again, I apologize for wasting your midnight oil.

Thanks Lono. I was going to just throw out the whole idea when I read mesh and couldn't really tell from the picture how it was constructed. Looking at their other baskets and descriptions solved that.

I have figured what the costs of materials would be to build my own and it is roughly the same price or maybe even a little more. At this price, if I get a couple seasons out of it, it's a great bargain.

I know you really like it and I'm seriously considering it. There have to be some negatives though. I've read some reviews about it rusting at the welds in about a year, but that's an easy fix. There's also no available attachments but again, an easily solved problem. The weight limit is listed at 150 lbs, but I've read reviews saying they've regularly had up to 300 lbs on it. Anything you would add or dispute?

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Oh, and I've read that the included mounting brackets are junk. Any truth to that?

i cant really speak on rust because i havent put it through the rainy season yet, or up to the mountains where i snowboard, but the paint that's on these racks is that really tough epoxy paint, not regular paint, so im thinking it should last at least a few years depending on where you live.

in my opinion, if i had the choice of making one or getting one already designed and being made and sold by a company and it would cost me the same price, i would just buy one. it would be easier for me in the sense that i wouldnt have to spend the time making it, and getting the materials for it. but then again, im not a welder, so maybe if you were a good welder and had all the materials available, it might make sense. i have put about 130 lbs of stuff on it at one time so far, but it didnt seem to mind it at all, but i havent tried putting anything more than that. it seems like it could hold at least 15-175 lbs safely from my perspective. i dont know about 300 lbs though.

as for negatives, yes the mounting brackets are a little cheap, but they come supplied with the rack, and the other racks ive looked at have separately sold brackets that cost 40 bucks alone. the one real gripe i have with the rack is that the wind faring is a little cheap. it is a really clean looking smooth plastic, but in the hot california sun, it has already started to warp a little. i had to take it off one weekend and put some heavy boxes on it and it straightened back up. on the bright side, it does cut down on the noise a lot. it isnt built as well as a yakima load warrior, but it is still a great rack, ive loaded it up three times already and the mesh bottom and the rails were perfect for hooking bungies and straps and so far have had no serious problems with it. i think to get a rack, mounting brackets and locking crossbars for under 170 bucks shipped is a great deal looking at it as a whole, and it not only makes my trac look way cooler, but the actual functionality of it is great. good luck and post up pics of what you end up doing/getting!

oh yeah, one more negative, it does become harder to wash the roof of your truck! i have to put a wash mitt on the end of broom to reach the actual middle of my roof1

Haha, thanks. That's pretty much exactly what I've been reading. I may get one in the next couple weeks. I have to make sure I'm going to have enough money to pay for the spring semester since I just wiped out the school/extra money paying for fall semester.

Making my own hasn't made sense money or time wise. And I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to visually evident things, so I would waste a ton of time and money trying to get the bends right and making it look like it came from a factory.

Thanks again.

If it means anything I like this thread! :) Im always looking at stuff on eBay and wondering if its really worth it... we should make an eBay thread for things we find that are actually worth checking out! haha, like the air intake kit.... I hear for 40 bucks its not bad... but beside the point.

Thanks for the link L0N0! This will come in handy for tailgate season when the truck bed is a pool and I need room for the grill and chairs :p Pics to follow after homecoming haha

That rack has intrigued me. Subscribing...................:popcorn:

it will be perfect for your tailgating, what i usually throw up on the rack are chairs, a bbq grill, not to mention tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, an ax, small shovel, a jack, air matress and emergency gas can.