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Attn: Painting Pros. A little advice here pleeeese!

Long story short: September 22nd, a woman failed to yield & I trashed her Infinity. Naturally, my front end needed replacing as well (hood, bumper, headerpanel, passenger side fender, etc.) After an exhaustive battle with her Insurance company, (still ongoing), they paid me the property damage side of my claim against them, and I went & got all the parts from Pull-A-Part. The Explorer I harvested these from had seen way better days,:eek: but all the parts were undamaged with no dents, dings, etc. I've since sanded all the metal parts down to the bare metal, and primed, sanded, primed again, sanded, and finally used Primer sealer over the lot.

Question 1: Do I now sand down the primer sealer, to get it as smooth as

Question 2: If so, do I dry sand or wet sand? Im very aware that a fine grit
paper must be used. (600 or greater?)

Question 3: Since Im not going to be doing the final paint job myself, should
I just leave it till I take it in to be painted?

As always, I truly appreciate any and all comments, tips & suggestions.

Cheers & Merry Christmas to all! :salute:

12/20/13 Hello..... Are there ANY paint/body pros here??