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Audio Failure in '94 Limited Aftermarket Head UnitIt would act up


January 9, 2003
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Los Angeles, CA
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1994 Limited Edition
Need Advice! '94 Limited Seems To Fry Headunits!

Do any of you guys know why the sound would go out on my aftermarket head unit? Display works but no sound. Its a $120 Jensen, but its 6 months old. Someone told me it may be because of the JBL factory amp setup in the Limited. Should I not hook it up to the headunit? Any help/ insight is greatly appreciated!

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Did you install it and it wouldnt work or did it just quit workin?

Audio Crapping Out

It was after I had it installed from Best Buy. It seems after the unit got hot (the power button was warm to the touch) the sound would go out but the display lights still worked. Sometimes it would go out when I turned the volume down. After searching the forum I'm thinking the BB installer didn;t bypass the factory amp and this make be overheating the headunit and maybe melting the audio connections (?). Its been out for a while and yesterday I tried light pounding on the unit and the sound came back on.

Does anyone know if its better to bypass the factory premium JBL amp and run off the headunit's power, or just use the amp and no power from the headunit itself?

Thanks for any help!

Yeah, take it back. Tell them that it's overheating and tell them the symptoms. The power button should not be hot. That's a bad sign

I'll Do That

Thanks for the reply. I'll do that...should I have them instal the Ford/JBL bypass and just run the door speakers off the headunit?

Not sure on how it all works... But the HU has enough power to run the door speakers by itself. So yeah, they should've put it in. Do you still have the receipt? See if it says if they put the bypass on there. And it's always possible this is a defective HU.

Have you checked the fuse for the stereo (in the fuse box)? I've had some fuses blow, but not spread the now seperate pieces of metal far enough away... So the sound would still work until it reached a certain level... was weird...

Anyway, hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in