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Audio Off, No GPS, No XM, No Voice Commands - All after kids put some coins in CD Slot

August 3, 2017
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Port Washington, WI
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2017 Explorer Sport
Good afternoon All,
I have a brand new fun issue. I caught my kids a few months back (5yo and 3yo) deciding that the CD slot was a good place to put some change that was sitting in the car. I was able to get some of it out, but for the last 6 months on occasion I would get a "CD Ejecting" message on occasion. I knew there was some additional coins in there. So I took a long zip tie and trying to clear the drive (I never use CD's in the first place). I heard at least one coin drop down behind, but there certainly could have been another couple for all I know.

Since doing that though now the display just shows Audio Off. I get no GPS in the navigation system (an icon and it does not track location), no Sirius/XM, no voice commands, etc. Car Play works, but again no audio as it states the Audio is Off. I have done a master reset to no success. I have also tried to look at the fuses but they seem to all be intact- although the fuses are hard to see through. When I removed the SYNC, GPS, etc fuse the car wouldn't even start, placed the fuse back and and the display comes up like normal, just no radio functions still at all.

I have not pulled the power leads and I have not technically replaced any fuses. On a separate note who decided to put a fuse box in such an inane location- under a plastic shield that requires a socket driver and up 8 inches with no real ease of access. I never would have expected such a poor location for an internal fuse box. Something to look into when its times to replace the vehicle :).

My truck is a 2017 Explorer Sport in case its not ease to see that in the post. Just wondering a few questions...
1.) What device controls all of these functions in a 2017?
2.) What could I have hit with a longer zip tie that would have cause this- a short, knocked out a cable, hit some type of safety switch?
3.) Is there a way to open up this area to investigate further?
4.) It sounds like the APIM module was a problem on earlier models so I wasn't sure if that could be the culprit. I am sure it was what I did, but I wasn't rough or aggressive when checking things out. Just seems overly fragile unless I hit some type of safety switch, or shorted something out, but I can't see behind there to determine what it could be.
5.) What would possibly need to be replaced and possible costs/options if you have seen this before?

I do have a scheduled dealer visit for this on Wednesday, but I would LOVE to solve/remediate this prior. Any thoughts would be appreciated.