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Audio Sound Dampening: Peel and Seal


July 25, 2010
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Las Vegas, NV
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Anyone use the Peel & Seal (from home improvement stores like home depot and lowes) in their car as an alternative to dynamat? I've heard a little about the smell. Does it really smell that bad?

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THat stuff stinks. Buy Edead 80 from Its only $2 per square foot. Thats about a third of the cost of dynamat. I have it covering the cab & floor of my Ranger. I did the cab for less than the dynamat in the doors cost.

Any significant difference noticed, NRA?

I have used Peel and Seal...

And I haven't noticed any significant odor from it even in the hottest of Texas summers...Anything has an odor when unrolled but that will go away shortly after especially when it is covered up by a door panel or carpeting...What I have noticed is the reduction of road and wind noise inside the cabin of the Explorer...I also have used it in my Ranger in the doors, the roof, the floor and the front and rear cab... Also a drop in noise...

What I did notice is that the product is low cost and is available at Lowes and that I used 2 rolls to do the vehicles I worked on to sound dampen them...I spent less than $50 dollars to reduce the road noise in my Explorer Sport and it was loud compared to my Dodge Charger...Now it is almost as quiet as the Charger...

Ranger: About how long did it take you to do the floor of your explorer sport?

Ranger: About how long did it take you to do the floor of your explorer sport?

It took longer to pull the seats and clean the crap underneath them and remove the carpet than it took to lay down the Peel and Seal...

Peel and Seal took 45 minutes from front to back...R & R seats and carpeting took 3 hrs...I also cleaned the carpeting then decided to just replace it...:rolleyes:

Now I had already done the rear section behind the seats so that area didn't figure in...But that area also had carpet I could pull out and not remove seats...

Should have pulled it and tossed it into the dumpster at first...

Definitely need to tackle this when I have two back-to-back days off, lol! Not looking forward to stripping down the interior, but as a wise man once said, a quiet car is a car worth being proud of! Any tips or troubles you came across when removing the seats or carpet?

Remove everything...and have a good vacuum and lots of cleaner handy...There was probably a couple of pounds of dirt under the carpet and in the seats...

On the plus side I found another 15 bucks in change...When I bought this one I pulled almost $50 in change out of the console and under the seats...

Take your time and do any cleaning when stuff is out...Carpets, seats, consoles, etc are easier to work when they are out of the truck...And they dry quicker that way as well...

The change paid for your sound deadener! :D

I think I may do this when I pull Deuce's carpet this spring...

My Ranger is quiet as a luxury car. I have 2 layers of deadener in the doors on every surface. They are sealed except for the weep holes in the very bottom. I have everything covered up to the glass from as far under the dash as I could get to the back wall. It really helped my sound. I hear music instead of metal ringing & vibrating. I added foam under the plastic parts to stop their rattles. I have a sheet of closed cell foam in each door & over the deadening on the floors. I used spray expanding foam in places I couldn't get deadener. I have about $100 in my deadening but its worth every penny to me. I had 3 boxes of Dynamat & 1/2 gal of Cascade liquid from a old install. I got my foam from home sound deadening mats that a buddy gave me. I just cut it to fit. Now I have a F250 4 door to deaden. I bet it cost lots more than the Ranger

NRA how is the road noise after the sound deadening?

I couldn't bear to run the Explorer as it was noisy as hell...I could hear everything inside...Yet I couldn't carry building materials in my Charger so I had to do something...

I remembered my Ranger and what the Peel and Seal did for it...That is why I broke it out in the Explorer...While it is not as quiet as my Charger, it is so much easier on the ears to drive now...People even comment now on how they don't hear road noise when I am talking on my hands-free phone in the truck...

I used some foil covered foam with a sticky back from Lowes, it was approx 3/16" maybe 1/4" x 12" wide. I didn't have any smell at all. It was in the insulation area. It took two rolls. I did the back end and the sides over the back wheel wells of my 4dr ex. It is a lot quieter. Now I need to get rid of the differential hum. Oh - I also filled the back post/pillars (by the back tailgate and behind the back doors) with minimum expanding spray foam.

My only road noise is caused by a torn door seal. It looks like the last owner tried to use a coat hanger to unlock the door. When I replace it my Ranger will have very little road noise. Its quieter than my wifes Grand Marquis. I found a lumberyard sound deadening. Its butyl window wrap. Its a butyl rubber tape with a foil outer layer. It sticks very well. It comes in 6 inch wide rolls. 50 sq ft cost 20 bucks. Its about 40 mils thick. Many sound deadening mats are made of butyl rubber. I plan to use it in the doors of my F250. I'll post up with how well it works.

Peel and seal is garbage. It doesn't stick as well vertically or upside down in high temps, and it doesn't have nearly as much sound deadening effect as the real deal. It's cheap, but still not even worth it, imo.

^^^ I agree. The Edead 80 at $2 per sq ft is the best deal I've found. They have the liquid for 25% off right now.