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Audio upgrade help


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July 30, 2013
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Magnolia AR
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1994 Ford Explorer XLT
I have a 94 Explorer XLT. I bought my truck, Hal, the day after Christmas 2011, because I had to have a ride right away. I got him for a steal. But... when I bought him, he had two speakers in the back under the seats from like a cheap home stereo. They were wired directly into the back of the Pioneer stereo. When I popped off the door panels I found out why. The wiring for the door speakers had been cut and removed(the wire not the speakers). I put new speakers in and wired it up and it sounds good but its time to upgrade. Currently I have sony xplodes in the front doors and cheap speakers in the back doors. I have a BBox with 2 10's that I got from a friend who got them from a friend (no name) and a Pyramid PB717X 1,000-Watt 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier. It hits but not as hard as I'd like. I recently had a falling out with my audio guy and have a new one but he said put q-power in it and I'm thinking JL audio(Jl Audio C2-650 speakers and 2 JL AUDIO 10W7 and 2 12W7AE-3 - JL Audio 12" a XD400/4 - JL Audio 400W to power the speakers and a XD700/5 - JL Audio for the subs). I want to replace the subs, amp, and door speakers. I am having new door panels fiberglassed up so 2 rounds will fit in each door and having the liftgate panel made up for 4 rounds. What should I use, JL, Q-power something else? What kind of box (stealth boxes?)? I really dont want to give up all the space in the back of my truck, so maybe shallow mount subs? Budget is $3500ish just for speakers and subs. Please help me out, thanks!