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Audiobahn sub in a sealed box


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Is anyone out there running an audiobahn sub in a sealed box??? I just ordered the AW1206Q, and I'm putting it in a sealed box for now... Has anyone out there done this yet, or done it with another one of their subs???

At some point I want to move it to a ported enclosure (build out) from the wall where the stock sub was at...

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I am :) Exact same setup. Sounds good...I like the tightness of a sealed box much better.

I am pushing about about a .90 cu ft box.

Okay... The box I get is a .88 its from subzone... I ordered it from the same place... It was only $55 so how bad can it really be... I have about 1200 watts that I can push to this sub though... i'm wondering if maybe I should only push about 600 to it instead since its in the small sealed box...

just see how it sounds....what kind of amp is it?? Audiobahn seems to underrate their products...they can hadle a lot of juice.

that will wrok great. You have an upgrated alternator?

You ordered the box already? You may enjoy the sound out of ported box more. .88 is pretty small for that sub. It does push a lot of air.

I went sealed because I didn't want to give up all of my cargo space... When we move it up to the wall I'll try to do a ported enclosure then...

the 06's have a real stiff suspension, good for small sealed applications or large ported, even free air box's.
you should be happy w/ it in the sealed box. Probably around 130db max.( the 10" hit around 125db)

What do you guys suggest for the AW 1008X rated at 1000rms; Ported or Seal and how much cubic ft.

actually heath, if you have a lot of power than you should push it into the sub. thats the way they were meant to be. small sealed=higher power handling, it will be able to play the whole sound range too, sealed boxes are notorious for not being able to play the lower freq. well, but with power, that goes out the window.