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August 2013 TOTM Nomination - "Best Audio Mod's" Photo Contest

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One of the greatest things that we love is the sound our RBV's make. However many just love to hear a good song playing at the right level. However many just love to hear a good song playing from five miles away. Anyways something is bound to float your boat.

This months contest is all about sound systems and how they look in the vehicle. Since we can not hear it......You better make it look good. Hey this is only the internet here.

Contest Name: "Best Audio Mod's"

We will be adding pictures until 07/22/2013. Then we will begin voting.

Please Note:

Announcement will be made describing the TOTM theme. Members will then have a 4 week period of time to post their submission. (For example: On 08/01 a thread will be started for the nominations. On 09/01 you will have 5 days to vote on the previous submissions (date will vary depending on when the 1st is). This way each winning member will receive a month to be the TOTM.)

One picture per member.

Anyone is welcome to submit a picture (Admins, Mods, & Members).

You may change your pictures if you like. Just do it before the time is up.

All entries must be of a Ford Explorer, Sport Trac, Mercury Mountaineer, Mazda Navajo, Ect. Go by the what the forum is for guys. Please don’t post pictures of your non-RBV's as your submission. There will be special times for you to do that.

You may submit any picture of anyones rig that is on this forum. (UPDATED 05/08/2012) Hope this helps you out.

Also do not Photoshop your rig to make it better but you can blank the license plate if you wish.

There will be a thread for submissions in which three pictures will be chosen at random. Then these three pictures will be put into a "Final Voting Thread" in which the entire forum will be able to choose this months winner. This random voting will be done by giving each picture a number that I will know only. Then I will "PM" a random member here and have them choose three numbers from the list that will be given to them. The numbers will not be linked to their post number.


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Nobody can compete with this box that is older than the 1992 Explorer that it's in!

Contest over!


LOL, back in the late '70s I threw my Bose 301s in the back of my car:D Now that was a system ;)

I know there are a lot of nice systems on the forum. I hope the "right" folks see this ;)

my eneon headunit and my 1500rms x 2 15" kickers 152db


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I'll nominate SB98UKexplorer.

Where is everyone?? I know we have a lot of nice systems on this board.:dunno:

I'll nominate interscope8. I was going to find a picture of his latest build to put on here but he posted them below.

Here's mine





Sony XAV-7W 7" widescreen receiver
Sony DVX-100 10 Disc DVD Changer
Sony XT-XM1 Satellite Radio
10" MTX sub in thunderform box, hidden in rear quarter
4 Limited front door speakers
250w Amp





Same receiver, changer and MTX sub, but with 3 amps and 2 12" Pioneer 600w VCCS subs in a ported box and 2 Sony XVM-H65 headrest screens
All the amps and control boxes for the screens are on a rack hidden under the back seat and they're still able to fold flat


i vote for blueka his ststem rocks

So I can't nominate myself correct?

Yes you can and please post pictures.


Snapped a few pics in the work parking lot since STrunneelr nominated me. My audio setup has evolved a lot over the years. I'll spare the old and just post current parts

Clarion CZ500 headunit with blue tooth and sat radio

Have 2 JBL 100w 2 ways up front and 2 Hifonics Zues 3 ways in the back.

The star of my setup: 3 RE Audio SRx12's. Currently wired to 2 ohms but when I get my new amp I'll rewire to one. These sit in a box I made with my grandpa that takes the place of ome of my back seats. (This was finished a couple weeks ago and I plan to bed line the box)

and my speakers are being amplified by a hifonics HiFi 4×80w amp and the subs are being starved but they are running off of a 770w JBL pocket amp. In the works is a Hifonics Goliath 2000w amp but im in college and money is tight amyway heres the amps mounted in my seatback. both ran with 2 gauge wire.

Sorry for the huge post

"Simple" was the name of my game (and some old pics, too)

Audiobahn amp


Two 12" Audiobahn Subs

Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD with e-brake bypass

Still rocking stock speakers from the pioneer system installed by Ford with the 6 disc in dash changer

Here we go...

To start off here's my truck...


Currently running 2 12" .7ohm DVC fully built DC Audio Lvl 4 in full birch box tuned at 36hz


Amp is a Audioque (Soundcubed) AQ1200D. Truck came with stock sub and amp. Took those out of the passenger rear quarter and mounted the amp where that was. Then took the original cover that was in the rear quarter and made a fiberglass mold of it as a beauty panel. Painted the same silver as the truck and then lit with a single surface mount 5050 blue LED. Subs are wired down to .7ohm.


Deck is a Pioneer DEH-9400UB.


I am also in the works of a custom center console to hold my iPod


Big three upgrade is currently done.

In the doors I'm running two sets of Infinity Kappa 63.9i 3 way speakers replacing the stock door speakers. (My apologies for the stock photo.)


Have 0 gauge American Bass wire running from battery to amp and also ground to amp.

Future plans are to purchase a 160amp at idle 200amp at 2K rpm Singer HO Alt, replace the AQ1200D with a Cresendo BC3500 and wire down to .35 ohm, and also in the making is a triple pillar pod and a single pillar pod for the passenger side where I will be replacing the front speakers with a set of Cresendo CZ Series 6.5" Components where I'll be mounting the tweeters in the pillar pods and also running a volt meter to be able to watch for voltage drop when competing.

Think I hit everything.

Here's my Project Log although it hasn't been updated in a while.


Headunit: Alpine CDE-HD137BT
Door Speakers: Alpine SPS-517 (X4)
Sub Amp: Alpine MRP-M500
Subs: Alpine Type E 12inch, Second Generation, in a 1cubic foot Sealed enclosure (x2)
Battery: Interstate Battery's MTP-65
Big 3: JL Audio 1/0 kit from CE Auto and Electric Supply

A LOT more to come, but since it is not done, I cannot post.

Good luck to everybody!

Last day for the July TOTM!!!

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