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August 23/24 Long Beach Island, NJ

ok everyone where are we meeting and what time are we meeting there I don't want to travel in the fun NJ traffic and not know were anyone is

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OK, directions, were meeting at the campground, I think eve I can find it so you guys wont have a problem.

GSP south to exit 63, onto rt 72 east, take that about 1.5 miles to rt 9 south, take that about 5.5 miles and you will see a sign for "Bakers Achers" (its the campground) hang a right there, go to stop sign and make a left and a real quick right into the entrance to the campground.

If you need to contact me, my cell # is 570-401-6575, my old cell # dont work anymore so dont bother with it.

wooo..You guys sure missed a fun trip!

Sorry I wasn't on to post directions (thanks again, Chris) -Justin, what the hell happened to you?! We finally gave up trying to call you on saturday....

Ah well, on to the pics!

Fug got plenty of air time this weekend ;)


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*recalls the priceless "AAAAAH! I'm gonna DIE!!!!" look on Mike's face the first time Doug tried this*


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Mike, I have a bunch more pics of your friend's bea-ooo-tiful F250 to scan, I'll send them to you when I get the chance!


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This was the only fish caught worth keeping all day...Mike and I kept catching Sea Robbins and Skates, which means that....

DOUG IS A MASTERBAITER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D


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Behave Christopher, or else I'll call Baker's Acres and have them send the golf cart nazis after you ;) :D


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Hey Lindsy,

Looks like a good time was had by everyone. Great pics :)

Thank yew, Sobe! I have more pics to post, but my scanner's being difficult again. Maybe by this weekend....

Man I wish I could of went to that.....stupid college and taking up valuable time that I could spend wheeling with people ive never met before :p :D

Oh well...theres always next time!:eek:

Hey Steve. Atleast you have an option to go next year. I'm street, I can't go. They would be pulling my ass on every ditch. :( You, on the otherhand, should definitely go. Looks like a lot of fun.

OK, not having my truck done is PISSING me off!!! I hope to be done wit the solid real soon! maybee if i start rushing it instead of being real **** about perfection i can be out to the next run:rolleyes:

I had a a great time over the weekend but ended up snapping the transmission output shaft when i was out by my self and had to walk ~2 miles to meet up with my parents so they could drag me out with thier truck. i have some pics that i'll upload a little later.

Nice fish you caught there, Doug

It's also nice to have pictures to put faces to names

here are the pics i took, though most of them are of my truck. :p

Nasty Squall Coming through the first day i was @ LBI



One of the trails


leaving your windows open while in the mud isnt a good idea...


posing in some ruts..



Different set of ruts.




Group Shot, Left to Right
Lizardtrac, Spas, 98Sport and Doug