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Aussie Xplorer in Trouble - Auto


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July 16, 2004
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Australia, NSW
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1997 Explorer
Hi All,
I need help, not many poeple have answers for Explorer's in Aussie land.

I own a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT. I was driving on the beach the other day, when it went crunch. In the end it makes a huge crunch noise then drops out of gear.
I have been told that i need to replace the transmission!!

Oil level o.k.
Auto temp was o.k.
Just drops out of gear with a bang!!
Now no reverse!

Find a second hand auto and replace?
Upgrade to a better box??? Is this possible?
Found a 5.0EFI motor, auto, transfer, computer s/hand from the same year model, shold i just put this in? Is there going to be many mod's to do?

thanks Heaps. Chris

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Im not an automotive technician but Im sayin it's the trans. Just find a trans that is compatible with your engine. Or try to find the same trans that you already have in there, then replace it.
Check :burnout:

I'm no mechanic either but it deff. sounds like your trans went out. Just rebuild or replace it with a new or used one. Your engine should still be fine just your tranny needs to be replaced, if thats is the problem. Anyone else want to chime in???

Yeah, that's gotta be the tranny.
Do what P. Vibes said.
I rebuilt mine.


Thanks Guys.

On some more testing i found that it is only dropping out of gear when in 4x4 high or Auto High, when in Low 4x4 it has no problems!!

So could it be the transfer case???

Im pretty sure that it's the tranny. It couldn't hurt to check your transfer case though. But putting pressure on the tranny from putting it into 4H and going at a considerable pace the force from hitting little sand tufts could knock a blown tranny out of gear. 4L is pretty slow so you really wouldn't have a problem with that being the cause. Just highspeed offroading could do it.

Odds on it is the transfer case IMHO.

i second the transfer case

id say it's problay the motor for the t-case.

Let us know what happends with it. What part it would be. Im curious to find out.

My 97 Sport did exactly the same.. It was the transfer case.. Be SURE the person who does it KNOWS these.. (Mine was out 3 times). Mine had the case half worn where the shift cam shaft goes into it and had to be boared and rebushed. It was VERY difficult to detect.. I ended up with a rebuild from a company who specializes in T Case and Gearboxes.. About $800. But probably could have been done cheaper if I hadden't run out of Patience..
Ron Husak
Conifer Colorado