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For Sale Authentic Volk Racing TE-37 Ultra, 20x10, 30mm w/Tires and Extras

My TE37 Ultras (20×10, 30mm offset) are up for sale. Dark Bronze, 23lb a rim, hella light. Excellent shape.

These are authentic Volk Racing TE-37 Ultra wheels. You won't find anything lighter out there in 20x10". They come straight from Japan and are a tuner favorite, often found on high-end performance cars.

Wheels are 23lbs without tires each. Tire/wheel combo is about 59lbs each.


- Wheels: Dark Bronze Volk Racing TE-37 Ultra 20x10 w/30mm offset, 5-114.3 bolt pattern
- Tires: 275/45-20 Hankook Ventus ST RH06 in great shape with excellent tread life left.
- TPMS sensors: Works with Ford but may work with other vehicles
- Tirestickers: www.tirestickers.com
- Hub centering rings: unused and unopened package
- Custom 0.25" spacers with integrated hub centering ring: Anodized black

Everything is in really excellent shape. With shipping/tax/installation all included, this setup will cost you right around $6000 brand new. That being said, I think I can let everything go for $3100 OBO, not including shipping, that would be on your dime if it needs to be shipped. Local sale is preferred, of course.

They were on a 2015 Ford Explorer Sport and fit perfectly but will fit many other applications based on bolt pattern.

If the tires themselves are not the right size for you, I could take them off and ship everything else. I'd do that for $2800 OBO, not including shipping. The tire size is virtually perfect for the Explorer as it doesn't change any ratios.

Unless your local, shipping would be interesting with everything mounted. Probably have to do freight on a pallet or something.

I still have the boxes my Advans came in and could ship the rims as 4 packages in those if you were to decide to not take the tires. If you want to find out a shipping quote for that route (no tires, shipped in 4 separate boxes), then identify your favorite shipper and use this info for shipping info: 30lbs, 23"x23"x13" for each box. For freight weight with tires, estimate 250lbs total on a pallet (not including weight of pallet).

Let me know if you have any more questions, I can take more photos if you'd like.











Phillip Isom

New Member
January 14, 2019
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San Antonio, TX
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2015 Explorer Limited
These look great on our Explorers! GLWS!