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Auto 4-wheel drive


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January 27, 2006
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North Carolina
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02 XLT
I have 02 thats has that auto 4-wheel drive. I can hear it grinding or engaging when i am on payment or even at a stop getting ready to turn. No warning lights have gone off. Im not in 4 wheel drive at all. The diff. was replace by ford with 29000 miles on it. I love the vehicle but this does not sound good. Seems like it getting louder. A friend said a sensor might be going bad. If so what sensor, Or is there a way to disconnect the auto 4 wheel drive.


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4 wd

sounds like a few here with 4wd have had this problem.

Most likly the 4x4 module. Search for that. Very common in this generation explorer.

I had the same issue. I had to disconnect the battery to get my truck to reset or it would stay in 4x4 mode. It got to a point that I was unable to drive more than a mile without having to stop and I had to baby gas pedal.
I had my module changed and never had problem again. The site has plenty of information on this, search around.
My extended warranty covered it, but with labor the invoice was $435 if i remeber correctly.

Does anyone know where I can get a Module from besides Ford?