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auto 4x4 problem...


October 10, 2005
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Iowa/Illinois Mississippi River Valley
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2005 XLT Sport
hey all...this question is for my girlfriend's '97 explorer sport with a 4.0 V6...

just within the past few days, her truck has been slipping very easily and getting loose in the snow (more than what it should) has also been pulling from side to side...she immediately recognized that it doesn't normally act like this in the after a few close calls she took it into the shop and was told that the auto 4x4 is going out...

now for my question.....i hopped on this site remembering the brown wire mod, thinking that we could just switch the auto 4x4 off and not use it (this is assuming that it's acting up because of how the auto 4x4 was engaging and not the transfer case going out).....but what i was actually wondering is if we can just cut the brown wire and still be able to use 4x4 high and 4x4 low?...since the auto 4x4 is essentially useless...also, she doesn't want to throw a lot of money into fixing it...she's been wanting to get a newer one

thank you!