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Auto down window not stopping...?


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June 18, 2011
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Eden, Ny
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'97 Sport
Hey guys, Quick question.... My '97 sport driver's side window has the auto down (or one touch down, whatever its called) and when you hit it it goes all the way down and does not stop until it is fully down even if you hit the up switch.

Usually when it's on it way down it will stop where you want it to just by hitting the up switch.

Now... All that being said, the door was swapped out with a '99 door when the (ugh) collision repair was done. Most '99 parts were used due to the 97 door being smooshed! I cant blame the shop because he's a close friend and gave me a deal. We are both scratchin our heads on this one....

I'm guessing the auto-down relay is sticking. I assume the auto-down relay. like a power antenna relay, is turned off when resistance is sensed (in the form of extra heat) in the relay and then it turns off. I detest the auto-down feature and feel like I'm always fighting it (like when I'm just trying to open the driver's window an inch to take advantage of my vent shades. Have you tried holding the switch down longer and then releasing it? If that doesn't stop the window from going down when you let go of the switch, then the relay is sticking. As far as where that relay is located, IDK. Maybe it's one of the ones above the gas pedal.