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Auto Lamp Malfunction


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July 4, 2004
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When I switch my auto lamp on it keeps the headlights on no matter if it is day or night. Any ideas why this would be happening?

The sensor that is supposed to detect light level is either dead or blocked. There was a post about adjusting it.... little pin hole in the control unit. Search for a post where somewhere was trying to add autolamps to an existing truck (the original poster was from australia... the helper post ????)..... or you have your slider set to the wrong place or its broken.

My headlights also like to come on in the sunshine. If it is mid day but overcast, they might not come on but they always come on at night. Some months ago I noticed that my daytime running lights were flashing intermittently and then a week or so later I no longer had daytime running lights! I think there is some module in the center console that is supposed to develop a fault due to poor soldering. One day I will dig into it.

Maverick0007, if you find out anything about your autolamp problem, please mention it in this thread.