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Auto Locks


December 19, 2008
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98 Stock V8 XLT
How do I turn the auto locks off on my 2003? I keep locking my keys in it.

Auto lock

I asked the same question when at the dealers shortly after I bought my 02. They told me that this is something that cannot be done. This is one feature that I find to be a complete pain especially when I am moving short distances in a yard. Certainly should be able to bypass and maybe it is. You say this is causing you to lock your keys in the vehicle. When you get out does the drivers door not stay unlocked? I get ticked off when I have to go back to the drivers door to unlock all the other doors. Mine has the keypad on the outside of the door which I made sure I knew the code just in case I locked the keys inside. I have gotten into the habit of unlocking all the doors before I open the door. I have to do this on my wifes Maxima anyway since if she is still in the car and exits later the alarm will go off.

its on page 129 of the owners manual.
turn key to on
press unlock on the door 3 times
turn key from on to off
press unlock on the door 3 times
turn key to on, the horn will chirp
press unlock, then lock. horn will chirp once if autolock is deactivated, or one short and one long chirp if activated.
turn key to off, horn will chirp to confirm procedure is complete


Thanks! Sure sounds like good info. I use to always purchase a manual everytime I bought a car but they started to get astranomical in price. I am going to have to try that. Hope it doesn't time out as I try to follow the instructions. At least I will be reading printed instructions instead of trying to read the odometer readout that nobody can see.