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auto to manual swap


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October 2, 2005
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godfrey, Illinois
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1997 sport ohv 5spd
hello, i am going to swap out my auto tranny for a manual. I want to know if a 2.9 trans will fit up to my 4.0 in my 93 explorer. Also, what do I need to make the swap other than a manual trans, a cluth pedal, hydrolic lines, pump, and resevoir, clutch, and a flywheel? What vehicles can I get this out of? a bronco II, a ranger?

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Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of transmission conversions.

yes a 2.9L 5 speed will bolt up to a 4.0L OHV.

HOWEVER the 2.9L's used 3 different transmissions (5 speeds) through the years, and all of them are much weaker then the later version of th eMazda 5 speed used behind the 4.0L starting in 89.
In 93 the Mazda 5 speed was upgraded internally again, making this an ideal choice for your conversion.

You will need the flywheel, clutch assembly, starter, throw out bearing, slave cylinder, hydraulic line, master cylinder, clutch pedal assembly (comes with both brake and clutch pedal) clutch 3 position switch, the transmission wiring harness from a 5 speed Explorer or Ranger (91-94 OHV 4.0L) and a 93 4.0L 5 speed computer.

The pedal assembly from a BII or Ranger will not work, it must be from an Explorer (91-94)

I higkly recommend getting all parts you need from a 93 4.0L powered truck, it will make it much much easier for you.

Also you can search for this, you are not the first to go this route. Being the crazy sob I am I started with a 2.9L and Mitsubishi 5 speed, then converted to a 93 4.0L and Mazda 5 speed, then to a 93 automatic A4LD. After 3 A4LD's I finally went 5.0L.

Also if your truck is a 4x4 make sure you get the trans from a 4x4 donor.

now do some research and see if most of your questions are answered.
Expect to do some minor wiring changes, although getting the 5 speed trans harness from a 93 Ex will reduce these a great deal.

will the auto computer not work??? im looking at doing the same swap and i was jsut going to use my auto computer......whats different????

Yes! Finally someone wants a sticker in a Limited. I was going to do that with the XL I bought, but that was too nice and became the GT...

The auto computer should work, since your A4LD auto really doesn't have any electronic control (besides overdrive engagement and torque converter lock).

your auto comp will work but it will set a CEL. To do the conversion 100% a 5 speed comp is needed

CEL ??? is that a engine code....i am looking at a complete 91 xlt with a 5 speed for $800 ..i just wanna use it 4 parts...and i cant see the puter being the same as my 94........
and yeah the auto sucks ;)

Computer is different the 94 has EGR, dual 02 sensor, no MAP sensor, etc.
You will need a 94 PCM for a truck just like yours but with a 5 speed.

CEL is an engine code, in this case it would be the PCM looking for two shift solenoids that do not exist.

thanks alot 4 the help ........sorry to jack the thread :chug: ....

You can get around the CEL by use a pair of resisters. When I installed the 700r4 I was getting the CEL since I didn't have the shift solenoids anymore. I just got 33 ohm resisters and put them between the hot (red-common wire) wire for the solinoids and the solenoid wires. No more CEL and the computer thinks there are solinoids there. You could also just keep the old solenoids and leave them wired in and tape them up somewhere (I personally liked the resistor way better).


very cool :)
33 ohm resistor seems to be very useful to fool a EEC-iV PCM.
I need one for my hooked up but not functional canster vent solenoid, the OBD-II system uses two canister vent/purge valves, my truck only has/needs one.

Do I just go to Radio Shack and say I need a 33 ohm resistor?

You want to ask for two 1/4 watt 33 ohm resistors... Then they will give you a dirty look since you are bugging a salesman for a $.10-$.20 part :)

I don't even think radio shack carries (in the store) stuff like that anymore..
Your best bet is a local electronics store (electronics hobby shop).

BTW.. the specs for the a4ld solinoids is 26-40 ohms.. which is why I went with 33 ohm (so if its at the end of its tollerance spec it will still work).

Edit: I just checked online.. RadioShack (online) sells a 5 pack of 1/2 Watt (which is more than you need) 33ohm resistors for $.99 The Part Number is 271-1104.. Use the following link and use the link under "Other ways to get it" to check if a local store carries it.


thanks man!