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Auto Trans Fluid?


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July 12, 2002
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Red '99 Sport SOHC 4x4
when replacing your tranny fluid, is ProLine Dexron III/Mercon fluid alright? the manuals say to use MERCON V. it was the only kind of auto trans fluid at Pep Boys and i asked the guy and at first he said i need to mix in this green stuff to make it 'V', then he said i didnt have to, only if i was flushing the transmission.

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Don't get your advice from

someone who is paid minimum wage. It is suprisingly difficult to get Mercon V at some stores or the selection is only one or two brands. Mercon V is a synthetic blend with some additional friction modifiers. I've seen those bottles that make Mercon into Mercon V. They only add the modifiers and it scares me that some shops may be using thi when you get a fluid change to save money. It wouldn't kill it if you just added a pint of Mercon to top off. But Mercon V is very different and should be used for a fluid change on a 97 or later. Walmart and Autozone carry it. Just keep looking.

ok thanks

Use all Merc V or a compatible fluid, do not mix fluids or use a modifier.

yea, F this guy. the whole point in doing it yourself is so that you dont have lazy people do it. theres no reason why i shouldnt use the right fluid