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Autofab D44 TTB Conversion


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November 27, 2005
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1992 4dr 4wd
I received this teaser pic from John at Autofab, I thought some of you might like to see it. Note the cross-over steering.


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yup SICK
hes been making these for a bit now, me likey!

time to start saving up some money. may have to sell my car for that kit.

Here is what I "know" about the kit.
This is just from here say really but I believe it to be true.

The D44 beams are modified by re-locating the lower ball joint. Autofab kits are known for this and also for working very well.
The oem running gear is retained, meaning the diff inner and outer axle shafts, knuckles, etc (awesome, saves $$$)
The kit has extended radius arms and axle pivot brackets that position the D44 TTB diff and beams under the truck so it clears, gets alot of travel and sits at a lower lift height (4-5"?) no 8" lift needed :) I believe the radius arms use a heim pivot and I am sure Autofabhas the bracket and or crossmember to go with them.

This setup obviously is using steel coils, but I am sure a stage III kit is available or in the works with coilovers.

Awesome option, larger brakes, stronger hubs and U joints, stronger beams, etc..

if i remember right i read that it about 16" of wheel travel. i want to see pics or vids of it in action.

That truck has 18" of wheel travel. The "foundation" kit is capable of 21 " of wheel travel with coil-overs and proper shock mounting (not that 18" isn't enough).

The foundation kit includes the following:

* Modified and reinforced axle-housings with uniball pivots (exchange)
* Skid plate for the differential side axle-housing
* Modified driver side beam pivot bracket (exchange)
* Custom scratch-built passenger beam pivot bracket
* Tubular radius arms with heim joint pivots
* Radius arm pivot brackets
* All necessary grade 8 mounting hardware
* 2 heim joints & spacers
* 2 uniballs and spacers

Price for the foundation kit is $3225

But for 18" of very usable wheel travel and a tough ass kit that Autofab is known for you are gonna pay!
I heard the uniball pivots on the beams are required because the placement of the TTB under the truck is really tight to get everything to clear :) bushings = diff hits frame type stuff.

thanks Steve! Need more pictures! video? hahaha

410Fortune said:
I heard the uniball pivots on the beams are required because the placement of the TTB under the truck is really tight to get everything to clear :) bushings = diff hits frame type stuff.

That's exactly why it uses uniballs and heims. I don't know that there's enough deflection in the rubber bushings for unwanted contact to become an issue, but John doesn't take chances.

Here are few more pics:





If Autofab it cycles 18" cleanly and can do 21" its going to do it and stand up to it.
Autofab kits are top notch reliable and strength
Ditch the coil and bucket, run coilovers and you could get 21" with swing set steering, thats BIG travel with big brakes, etc etc sweet
last kit you'll ever buy

For those of you interested, check out the March 2007 issue of Off-Road.




oh great so now everyone is gonna have some


Definitely a sweet kit and a sweet truck!

I WANT I WANT!!!!! so thats all D44 stuff??? that would be a nice extension right? 4.5" width to each side? or am i wrong?...... hhhmmmmm

full size truck brakes on an explorer would be fantastic

thats a lot of coin for that though....dang

when you look at what you get the $$$$ is justified imo

those are factory dana 44 beams with factory axleshafts, the result is big brakes, stout hubs, overkill beams/axles/u joints/diff, IMPROVED WHEEL BEARING (spacing for big tires) AND an Autofab bracket installation. The bolt circle is changed from 5 on 4.5 to on 5.5 (full size ford)

the beams use uniball pivots instead of bushings to locate them under the vehicle, so the larer dana 44 beams and differential will fit under your Ranger frame

Autofab is not the first to run a d44 ttb under a Ranger, not by a long shot, but he is the first to produce a kit, and Autofab kits/installs are legendary for toughness, reliability and performance.
I believe there are 2-3 stages for this new kit to from just the pivot brackets, radius arms, coil hoops etc (do it yourself coilovers, bumps, coil springs, shocks, beams, whatever) all the way to stage III Autofab install it and custom dana 44 beams and possibly swing set steering. :)

I'm guessing a D50 would work too then;)

The D50 axle-housings are different lengths.