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Autolamp, door ajar, senile HVAC, no unlock


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March 4, 2014
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salem, MO
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I have a 2002 Explorer Limited 4x4. It has always been drove a while then parked for a while. It has not been drove that much over a course of 4 years. The last few times I drove it, I noticed the interior lights staying on and it constantly thinks the front door is open. Now I started noticing that if it sits more than a day, the HVAC does not come on where it was last set. Its just off and you have to set it all over again. Auto lamp keeps the headlights on no matter what, like it thinks it is dark outside..There is no delay for the lights staying on regardless of sunlight or darkness. The second the key is turned off the headlights go out. With the door open or closed you cannot activate the door locks with the drivers switch. It will lock them but will not unlock them. You either have to use the fob or lean over and hit the switch on the passenger side. Everything else seems to work okay. What are your thoughts