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automatic ride control problem


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May 7, 2009
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1998 XLT
I have a 98 explorer (for the european market) that has automatic level control suspensions.
Since a while, the system seems not be working anymore (when I changed the load, I used to hear the compressor buzzing for a few seconds, now not anymore) and the car wobbles noticeably when driving straight at low speed ( around 20 mph). It is rather stable in bends, though, which lets me suspect that there may be something in the rear axle.
Any idea where the auto level control compressor is located and how to test it ?
Does anybody know the part nr for the EUROPEAN suspensions (they have a sticker on them saying "for europen market only") ?


your air compressor is above the spare tire, not uncommon to stop working due to corrosion and seized bearings(2) I have a 95 ltd ex and put in new bearings cleaned the armature up in a drill press and voila the air ride is functioning. cost about 35 bucks cdn and 4 hours of messing around compared to a new compressor from ford $400 cdn.

Bad news is there are no rebuild kits available and any aftermarket compressors wiring wont matchup. cheers Grapes

ride control problem solved

Thanks Grapes,

actually the problem turned out to be one of the posts holding the front stabilization bar that had broken. After replacing that and resetting the ride control system, everything went back to normal.
I'll keep your advice in mind for the future anyway.