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Automatic Setup??


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September 26, 2008
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College Station, TX
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91 XLT
my 91 is a manual trans, I was wondering what all i would need to convert it over to a auto setup?

auto trans
steering column
would the computer need to be changed to one that was auto?

any idea's what else i would need?

Im just trying to make it into a family vehicle and that way the wife doesn't have to worry about shifting and dealing with kids at same time.

i forgot to mention it was 2 wheel drive

You may want to post on here, Craigslist, or looking for someone that wants to go from Auto to Manual.

It is a pretty popular swap going both directions. The Auto guys want a Manual, and some Manual guys want Autos.

Doing a straight across trade is the best way to do this. Properly orchestrated, both swaps can be done at the same time in the same driveway.


i have looked on craiglist for my area already i havent seen anybody, i havent checked the other sites either,

but i dont think anybody wants my trans unless there gona rebuild it, its hard to shift into gears.

like at a dead stop i have to work it into 1st by going back and forth between 1 and 2 till it slides into 1st or just force it into 1st, its the same while driving sometimes too only when it gets hot mainly.

thats why i was just gona do some searching for what parts i would need

i would also like to know what years i could get the parts out of so mabye it could have less miles on it.