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Automatic to manual transmission swap


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December 14, 2020
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1995 explorer xlt 4x4
Alrighty I have a 95 2nd gen that I've replaced the auto in and its making me pull my hair out so I've decided to swap it to a manual. There is plenty of threads on here and i have been doing research on here and the ranger forums and i have secured a 96 4.0 4x4 M5OD from a 96 ranger and all of the new parts such as clutch assembly, flywheel, starter, radiator, and a few more items. One of my main questions I have is will my automatic BW transfer case bolt up to the manual trans or is there a different transfer case I would need to get to properly complete this swap, I'm picking the new transmission up tomorrow and possibly start the disassembly this weekend. if anyone would be able to help/refer me with my question I would greatly appreciate it.

Should bolt right up. The bw1354 is also a popular swap.