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AutoMeter water temp guage ????


Ole Bag
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August 22, 1999
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I am in the process of installing a water temp guage on my 1994 Explorer 4.0. Do any of you know where the sender will install on this motor? I know it typically installs near the thermostat. I need some help or pictures of your install.


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I plan on doing my 5.0 by putting a T in the line that goes from the thermostat to the upper intake manifold


is ther any lines like on the 5.0 that connect the upper and the lower? I know I have a 1/4 hose in then a 1/4 hose out for cooling the upper

My OHV has two sensors, one for the dash and one feeding the PCM. I just removed the dash sensor and put in my autometer sender. My dash gauge obviously no longer works, but who cares when the autometer gauge is right there.

Both senders are on the intake manifold just behind the thermostat

Thanks. I will check that when I get home.

Lets hope the 1994 is the same way :)

There are two sensors on my 1994 like you said. Do you know which one is going to the computer and which one is going to the guage? My bet is the one closest to the grill is going to the guage?