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Autozone Shackles


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September 2, 2005
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'95 XLT 4.0 OHV 3.55
I was curious about the shackles they have at Autozone. I'm trying to get a web address to show what I'm talking about, but they're having issues right now.

Basically they are two pieces of metal, with two bolts, top and bottom. The shackles have 3 or 4 holes total (the top and then 2 or 3 at the bottom for adjusting and height choosing).

I was looking at these because they're faster for me to obtain and cheaper then the warrior shackles.

Does anyone have any experiences with the autozone shackles? Are they good to use (obviously probably not as good as the warrior, but again easier to obtain and cheaper), are they durable enough for minor off-road use? I measured them, and they'll give me the aditional 2" lift I'm looking for a friends explorer (he wants a cheaper alternative to warrior's).

Any feedback is appreciated, especially today, as he wants to TT and shackle his tonight if possible.

Thanks in advanced!

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Iv had them on my truck for about 1.5 years and Iv had no problems with them, and I beat the hell out of my truck.

Perfect, that was the answer I was looking for, better response than I expected though ;).

Thanks Audio!

I've got them on mine too, i had to drill the holes bigger though, and use the factory bolts. I also put in a bolt and a spacer between the two pieces of metal in the middle bolt hole to add a little more strength to the setup.

I ran the cheapies then switched to warriors.....there was a world of difference between the two. I wouldnt waste my time and money on the autozone shackles. The Warriors are beefy as hell.

i made my own from 3/8 steel, just got the supplier to cut them to legnth and i drilled holes, no supports yet but i'm going to weald in 2x2 square tube and the total cost was around 25$

Good for a trailer....not much else. In my opinion these are not safe for an Explorer.


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Thanks. It's a 88 s-10.

I have had mine on for about 2.5 years. No problems what so ever. Mine is also driven mostly on the street with ocassional off roading, but nothing hard core.

i put mine on 4 days ago and went 4 wheelin for about 5 hours today, i had no problems, i love them, i am so happy i og them instead of the warrior, cause they were like 18 bucks and took about 10 minutes to install

$18 as opposed to 45, if youve ever held them side by side, you will see why that are more expensive. And shackles are shackles...they take the same amount of time to install.

I had a custom set made with the same thickness metal as the autozone with no center support. I've no issues with the shackles and my truck is wheeled hard on a frequent basis plus daily driving thru rush hour.

FreeWheelin4x4 said:
* PLEASE Search, many questions have been answered 800,000,325,327 times!
Irony!! :D Try a search for "autozone shackles."

oh, 6 lines max (@ 800x600) on the sig is the rule

I have autozone shackles, but I cut a piece of tubing to tie the two sides of the shackle together, just like the warriors. I haven't had a problem.

please jsut spend the money and do it RIGHT the first time....Warrior makes suspension components for a reason, the same reason that Auto Zone does not. You see how small and unsafe those things look? Take a look at the warriors installed on someones truck; they are a good 2-3 times as thick and sturdy as those auto zone crappies. Also the warriors have horizontal/lateral support that is STOUT where as the crappies have none at all. Just spend the extra 20$ and get something that is proven to work and will get you home to your family at night.

EDIT: Hartman is going in the right direction with those lateral supports in there... :p

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I'd just like to update this thread and say that I've been running the shackles pictured above since July of 2005 with no issues whatsoever.