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autozone shackles


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October 25, 2005
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hey everyone my brother is going to get me that add a leaf kit for a christmas present. id really like to have his help when doin my tt aal and shackles so i want to do it when hes down here for christmas so since im in a bit of a time crunch i heard that autozone makes a shackle similiar to the warrior.does anybody have any feedback on this and the price or a part number thanks

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They are universal lift shackles. There are quite a few members who have them and haven't run into any issues. I would atleast recommend adding a center support between the shackles. They will probably run you about $15-20 for a set.

I just picked up a set myself, they cost me $15.99! I plan to weld a center support on once they are mounted on my Ex though.

Might be even cheaper to go to a welding place and buy 4 lengths of 3/8 bar stock and drilling the holes yourself. It's a lot beefier looking and you can add a support too if you like. My setup with hardware ended up costing about 20$CAD

Yea, I thought about that too but by the time I bought the stock and had it cut (cutting and drilling good 3/8" steel isn't easy!) It was just easier (and more lazy of me) to go to Zone and pay $15. :) Plus you get new bolts and all.

I have the AutoZone-type shackles, but mine came from O'Reilly. I paid $12 for them and then stripped the Zinc coating and bolted/welded braces into them.


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