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AUX Input for 1995 Explorer w/premium sound


August 6, 2010
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Keokuk, IA
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1995 Explorer Limited
Since I first got my ipod, I have looked for a way to use it with my '95 Explorer Limited, which has the premium sound system. My first try was with an adapter that worked off a cassette tape adapter thing. Sound worked yes, but within about two minutes, the auto reverse reversed about 3 times, then ejected the cassette module thing, as a bad tape. So I gave up on that, figuring there was no real way to stop the auto reverse mechanism.

I'm getting ready to go on a trip soon, and once again, thought about wishing I could take along my ipod instead of all the CD's to keep the tunes going. I found an adapter on that I thought would do it. It installs on the plug going into the remote cd changer, which in my case is in the arm rest. Even better than some previous models of this type thing, it doesn't disable the CD player totally. Instead it only disables the CD player while the 3.5mm plug is inserted into the port on the cable provided. Part# listed for 1995-2006 Explorer is AUX-FRDW. The pic online isn't the best, but I thought, it sure sounds like exactly what I want so ordered it. $39.98 plus shipping. I figured for that price I'd risk it.

It arrived, upon seeing it and unspooling it so I could see it better, I understood better. The plug on the CD changer in the armrest, is behind the tissue dispenser/coin holder thing toward the driver side. I worked through the tissue opening to unplug it, and then plugging it into the adapter and plugging the adapter plug into the CD changer.

Tested, CD changer worked, plugged in my ipod, the CD sound stopped, hit play on my ipod, and it worked!!!!

For now the cable mess is in the way to put the tissue dispenser/coin thing back in yet, but maybe with some work it will go. But if not, not a real big loss, because I can't find that tissue box size anymore, and it's rare to use any of the coins in the holder either. But tunes from my ipod on longer trips, or CD's when I'm on short trips around town, I think it's gonna be good.