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aux switches


April 12, 2005
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92 2door 4x4 Navaho
show your switches!!!!!



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looks good- what are they going to be running?

what do those run an ejection seat?

the wire has since been tucked.

are those your new 4wd switches?

Ill find my pics of the ones in my headliner.

the elect 4WD motor is LONG gone - unreliable piece o **** -

they run aux lighting and eng cooling fan 2 are white offroad lights one is for
the PuRpLe Neons mounted above the frame that light the rocks/mud as I travel over.....

no ****:p:

Siren, Wig wags, Strobes, LED lights.....

Here's an in progress picture... turn signals, mirrors, and windows.


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here are my switches...

and at night

i really lke the engine temp relocation lol..and all these looks awesome..i love switches and project boxes and stuff..i can get pics up of mine if someone tells me really interested in how little x did the cutoff and pushbutton ignition..i AM going to do this in my ranger, but am not sure how to go about doin git just yet..any and all insite on this would be much appreciated, so please post instructions and more pictures or anything liek that for reference..
-thanks alot





Im adding rock lights and backup lights in the coming weeks, not sure where those switches will go.

I have been thinking of grabbing the overhead console from a Ranger that housed the 4x4 switches to make a switchpanel for the NavaHo as well.....


Best pic I have of the stainless panel I made in my BII for the ARB compressor, front, and rear locker switches.
The stainless will go away if I ever have time to build a full center console for my baby :)
The blue switch in the metal dash above them is for the fog lights and there is one on the other side of the steering wheel for the roof lights/rock lights


My reverse light is automatic and comes on with the stock lights
In that 96 mustang floor shifter is my overdrive button to, I added that switch as well hahahaha

Here's what I am shooting for something like this with the cage and full console, gate shifter, CB, GPS, etc:

For the switch ignition you have to buy 2 toggles and a button (or you can buy a pannel with toggles and buttons off of ebay of something). You drop your steering column down (there is a plate on the botom held in with 4 bolts that keeps it in position). You need to unplug the ignition switch ontop of the steering colum (this is not where your key goes in, it's a box with several wire connectors). Use your Haynes manual to see which wires do what. Hook up the ignition wires (there are 2 of them) to one switch, the accessory wires (4 in total) to the other, and connect the starter (1 wire) to the push button. You will still need your key to drive unless you disconnect the steering wheel lock. But I like this, it allows me to let my truck warm up in winter while I'm inside, without me worying about someone stealing it.