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auxilary lights


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October 16, 2009
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cullman alabama
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93 eddie bauer
ive got a 93 eddie and want to put auxilary ligths on, i went to autozone and they had alot but i was thinkin about bajas any know anything about them and also can i mount these on the stock roof rack if i drill through it NEED TO KNOW IF THE STOCK ROOF RACK WILL WORK PLEASE

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i had some on my x they work pretty well for cheapies. just remember to run a relay with them.

relay wiring,

wire them up like this,this is actually for 3, but after the realy, you can put 4 even, or just 2,


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Those baja lights are really , really cheap. I had then on my jimmy for maybe 2 weeks and they already started rusting. They really don't need relays either.