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auxiliary input


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June 11, 2007
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I search for this topic but came up short. I own a 2004 for explorer and am not stereo buff. The explorer has the 6 disc in dash changer. What i am wanting to do is set it up to have an auxiliary input, so i can run sound through my factory speakers basically from any output i want. This happens to be a phone, but not for phone calls. I have tried to do some research and found the P.I.E.FRD03-AUX but that appears to be only for the external cd changers and not the in dash changers. Does anyone have some ideas here?

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I've been searching for awhile. It's very confusing because Ford used so many different radios (they all look similar from the front). If you have a Sat or Aux button on your radio you may have better luck than I have .You can try these guys at or look on Ebay
I have a 2003 with the rear DVD and all the adapters I've found say it won't work with this setup.

you can try and find that adapter, i know circuit city used to carry it for the fords with 6 disc changer....

its an external one right?

or you could always go with a wired fm modulator. when its wired its not so bad.