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Aviator pads


May 8, 2005
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Ellicott City, MD
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1998 XLT
Does anyone know if front brake pads for 2005 explorer will fit onto a 2005 Aviator. Can't seem to find brake pads for the Aviator anywhere even the dealership has to order them. They all have explorer/mountaineer pads I would think they would be the same but they have different part numbers.

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I called my local Carquest store, and to both our disbelief, the front pads are different for an Aviator. The OEM recommended pad is a ceramic compound, but I personally don't like ceramics.

I like Performance Friction Carbon Metallic pads, but in case you wanted to match OEM, the Carquest part number for the ceramics is RCD953. Their semi-metallics are BMD953. Unfortunately, Performance Friction doesn't offer this particular one.

You got me thinking now...I wonder what's different between the two. Maybe larger rotors, and/or bigger pad area? Do I smell an upgrade for the Explorers in the air possiblly?

I have thought that the Aviator had better brakes, most all Lincolns have better brakes than normal Fords.

I also have a Mountaineer and everything looks the same, but that is with the wheels on so I did not take a good look. The rotors for the Aviator do seem to weigh more then I remember the ones for the Mountaineer weighing. I work for an automotive company and the parts department could not give me an answer. I do know one thing for sure no one in the Baltimore area stocks brake parts for the Aviator.

Don't now about G3 Explorers but Avi's front rotors are 13".:thumbsup: