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Avic-d3 uninstall


January 10, 2008
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Washington DC/Arlington, VA
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'04 XLT
I have an '04 explorer xlt. I'm looking to get the Pioneer Avic d3 (maybe z2). I've read previous threads about the installation, and having to trim some of the plastic for the double din to fit in. My question is, if I wanted to take out my after market HU, would I be able to put the factory HU back in. Would the trimming that I did for the install cause any problems?

you wont have a problem, I had to uninstall mine after the DVD player went caput and I had to send it back to Pioneer. It took pioneer over 124 days to repair it. They said it will be sent back to me this week. Anyhow, I put my stock HU back in and have been rockin in the past 124 days!!! No prob

It's nice to hear that. Thanks for letting me know. I used to have the Avic n-1. I don't know how familiar you are with that, but if you are familiar, how do you like the d3 in comparison? Or how do you like it in general?

you dont have to trim any of the car, just the install kit. at least i didnt for my double din. here is a pic.


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