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Awd binding issues fixed with fluid change.


November 13, 2010
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2000 Mercury Mountaineer
Hey folks, i posted a little while back about some binding I felt while turning my 2000 mountaineer. Well I brought it to a shop I know of which deals with trannys, diffs, and 4wheel drive systems in general. He said it was the clutches in the rear diff that were binding when I turned.

He changed the fluid in the rear using synthetic fluid and added a friction modifier, as well as the front diff and transfer case. It was still binding, although not as bad so the shop owner told me to drive it around to let the modifier get into the clutches and do it's job. Sunday I took it for a nice highway run to PA about an hour drive each way. I noticed the binding is pretty much non existent. So I guess it was the rear clutches after all and not the transfer case like I was worried about.