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AWD to 4x4 Conversion

Matthew Sartanowicz

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December 4, 2018
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Salt Lake City
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2004 Lincoln Aviator
Hey, I have a 2004 Lincoln Aviator with the 4.6L DOHC and AWD(as I think they all are) and was curious as to what it would take to swap the AWD system with a 4x4 system from a 3rd gen explorer so I can have a low range. Im not sure if this is even possible. I saw someone one here post a how to with a Mountaineer but I don't know that this would be the same process for an Aviator. If anyone has any experience or knowledge on this topic or what it would take to complete a project like this I'd love to hear! Thanks

mountaineer and aviator should be the same process.

Can't say for sure but you could research the transfer case for the Aviator and 4x4 explorer and see what it says.
Then research the transmission and see if they use the same trans for 4X4 and AWD Explorer,