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AWD transmission swap?


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January 15, 2011
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Middle Georgia
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1999 Ranger
Collecting parts for a 5.0L AWD swap on my 99 4x4 Ranger. I have a shot at a 99 Mountaineer 5.0L donor for $500. It's 2wd instead of AWD. If I get this donor can I just swap an AWD transmission and transfer case in place of the 2wd transmission? Are there any electrical differences? Does the year of transmission and transfer case matter?

Hoping to make a decision in the next few hours as to whether I'm getting the whole thing or just trying to buy parts.

The 5.0 computer has no idea if you are using a rwd or awd transmission
They can be swapped back and forth with no issues

Converting a rwd transmission to use a transfer case however requires complete disassembly of the transmission as the output shaft is different rwd to awd

I would look for a 98+ 4r70w if I had my choice the 96 version is not as upgraded
You will want to keep the dtrs (neutral safety switxh) from your 96 unit to make the computer happy

Thank you. Since posting this I've read that the transfercase wiring is in the body harness, not the engine & transmission harness. That's great. I intend to use the AWD transfer case to meet my goals, but if later on I wanted to swap to a 4406-E all the wiring is in place and the controls just need to be installed/attached.

I was actually planning to have the transmission (and engine) rebuilt and upgraded before installing, so changing the output shaft wouldn;t be a problem.

Everything I'm considering is 98+, unless I end up just swapping the output shaft and housing, then the donor year for those doesn't matter. I missed out on this Mountaineer, but as you saw in my other thread even the parts I have and am considering converting are 98 model parts.