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Awesome weather allowed for some work


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August 9, 2012
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Newark, Oh
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2001 Ford Explorer ST
I want to say first off I have no pics yes I know but anyway I got a few things done this weekend.

Both new upper control arms that included ball joints
Both new lower control arms that included ball joints
new inner tie rod ends
new outer tie rod ends
two new hubs
all new sway bar bushings and end links
new torsion keys for 2" lift
four new shocks
new add a leaf 1 1/2 lift
put my new head light covers and tail light covers on
wire brushed the frame and painted with rust encapsulator

Ran out of time to finish the 3" body lift but got most of it started. Then all left is alignment and install the new 16x8 DC2 with the 33" KM2 tires.

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Wow, I'm just trying to get the wiper blades from my back seat to the windshield.

Nice upgrades. Can't wait to see it all finished.

Damn , impressive list.

Im still on the fence about the body lift.

I'm going SAS, SOA so I don't have to all of those things every year or two. Great job on all of the frontend rebuild.

Haha, I just did mine a week ago. Im with midnight, I may be going straight axle soon enough. Once I get all my other stuff done like rock sliders and the hidden winch ill be upgrading.

Well tires got mounted today its just sitting without the bed and front bumper assembly until I get time this weekend to finish the body lift.


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Oh and sorry it is not a ST but this was my last truck wanted something different.


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Thats a long list for a weekend. I just want to replace spark plugs. Your Trac is gonna look sweet! Mines almost done with an SAS/SOA. I wanted to do it before I blew out IFS components running the heavy 35s.

Oh my plugs and wires are last on the list was gonna wait until I finish the body lift, put the electric fan set up on also have neons and custom lighting to install. Way too much work left to do but have two months until Lima.

I don't blame you I did the same thing. I've just about finished all my upgrades for a while so it's on to maintenance for me.

Every time I finish something I find two more things to do.

My wife loves it she is the kind of girl that could care less as long as it gets you there it is all the same. I keep trying to change her but after 12 years think it might be a lost cause.

No body lift yet the tires got bolted on tomorrow we are having a party to finish it.


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Oh and I have no idea who that kid is the truck is at my buddies house.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure ya don't!

No I think it is one of his kids friends