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Axle/Differntial Seal leak?


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March 16, 2013
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04 Ford Explorer 4.6l
This is the drivers side front axle.

I'm assuming the leak is coming out of the axle input shaft seal. There's oil up on the chassis, but not beyond a point. So the oil appears to be being thrown by the spinning axle vs. dripping down. Axle boot seemed intact.

Let this go? When should it be tackled?


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It's definitely seeping, but it doesn't look like it's leaking to the point where it's dripping all over the place.

My front pinion seal was leaking, so I changed the seal, and put in 75w-80. The clean oil leaked all over the place, and trailed under the vehicle. So, I had to do the job again with a new Yoke and a new seal that I got from Ford that was revised, and actually way different than the seal I got from the joe shmoe parts store. Check with Ford Parts to see if there was a revision for sure!

The point is there might be some good groves on your driveshaft, so it might be a safe bet to replace the DS along with a new seal. Front DS's are actually pretty cheap anyways. I didn't think my yoke was that bad, but I was wrong. I also refilled with regular 80w-90 GL-5 which is what the OM recommends anyway..

Removing a front Driveshaft is a big job on a truck because the parts are big and heavy. I'd hate to have to do it twice. :salute: