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axle id help asap


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October 14, 2007
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vernon nj
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87 ranger stx
nice steering lmao but i think its a chevy dana 44 but cuz of the knuckles and how it looks but the axle diameter is what a 60 is also looks like 1 60 lock out and 1 44 lockout



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not the greatest shot
driver side hub/lock out

passenger side hub/lockout

heres my dana 44

the u bolts i wanna order for another project with the measurements i took says i need d60 u bolts and 1 bigger for the pumpkin side i feel like a noob:rolleyes:

i also mesured the diff cover again dana 60 but it dosnt feel right

If the cover is a 60, then its definitely not a 44. But you do know that the differential is on the wrong side right (at least for Explorers/Rangers/Broncos) ?

yes i building heep for a guy and ive never never been this confused it has a 350

There's no BOM # stamped on the housing?

rusted off it has ball joints not king pins i hate chevy ive never seen sutch bs
i need to order a cross over for it does any one wanna mesure either an eight lug dana 44 or 60 circumference i got 10 1/4 for circumfrance

It's stamped in the housing. Either way if you can get me the number or the spicer # off the ring gear I'll tell you what it is and give you the parts list.

ill get u that asap wish there was an eiser way than that thank you cheve
c racked
h eads
e ngine tick
v avles rattle
y ear round

If you can get at the ring gear, then all you need to do is measure its diameter - the 60 has a much larger ribg gear.
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Oh and that hole chevy vs ford thing - its not a problem. The axle was made by Dana. Ford also used ball joints, and the Chevy axle has a better brake caliper design over the Ford.
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ya wanna swap them for mine
but ill look again for any markings if not ill dump the fluid and look at it i feel like a newb live and learn